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Defense in the preliminary investigation

Effective criminal defense begins as early as possible. A criminal defense lawyer should be consulted at the latest when the investigating authorities come into contact with you.

Have you received a summons from the police or public prosecutor? - Get criminal legal advice before deciding whether or not to provide information. As the accused, you always have the right to remain silent. You should exercise this right and consult with a defense attorney. Even as a witness, you have the right to remain silent in many cases. Get legal advice as to whether you need to provide information or not.

Have you been raided or arrested? - Insist on your right to contact a defense attorney immediately.

Take advantage of the opportunity in the preliminary investigation to avert charges before they are brought. This will avoid a public court hearing against you.

Have you or your relative been taken into custody? - Then it is advisable to contact a defense attorney immediately. No later than the day after the arrest, a court must decide whether an arrest warrant will be issued or not. This often is a critical phase of the criminal proceedings. Without the correct legal advise the accused can make mistakes, that can be difficult to correct at a later time.

Pretrial detention places an extraordinary burden on the accused and his relatives. Specialized advice and support during this difficult phase will help you get through the criminal proceedings as well as possible and in many cases achieve a better result.

The trail is the heart of the criminal court proceedings. Criminal court proceedings are characterized by a variety of special procedural rules. In addition, strategy and tactics play a decisive role in the result - i.e. acquittal or conviction. That's why it's worth relying on representation from a specialized attorney.

Public prosecutors are increasingly applying for penal orders ("Strafbefehl") - i.e. judgments without a main trial - against accused persons in criminal proceedings. In these cases it is important to act quickly. Because without an objection, the penal order is considered a final conviction two weeks after receiving it.

Have you received a penal order? - Seek specialized legal advice immediately.

Have you been convicted of a criminal offense and are dissatisfied with the sentence handed down against you? Then you only have one week to appeal against the verdict. If you want to challenge a judgment that has already been made, you should seek legal advice and representation from an attorney who specializes in criminal law. Special procedural rules apply, particularly in the revision process. Specialized legal representation will significantly increase your chances of success in the appeal or revision process.

Areas of law

Advice and represantation when being accused of e.g. the below mentioned crimes:

General criminal law

- Crimes against life
- Crimes against physical integrity of human beings
- Crimes dangerous to the public
- Crimes against personal freedom
- Robbery and extortion
- Theft
- Favoring and receiving stolen property
- Insult and slander
- Violation of personal life and secret space
- Damage to property
- False unsworn statements and perjury
- False suspicion
- Crimes against public order
- Resistance against state power
- Crimes in public office

Cannabis law: criminal and administrative offenses

Criminal offenses:
- Prohibited handling of cannabis
(§ 34 Abs. 1 Nrn. 1 - 16 KCanG)
- Negligent prohibited handling of cannabis
(§ 34 Abs. 5 KCanG)
- Serious case of prohibited handling of cannabis
(§ 34 Abs. 2 KCanG)
- Felony prohibited handling of cannabis (§ 34 Abs. 4 KCanG)

Administrative offenses:
- Prohibited handling of cannabis
(§ 36 Abs. 1 Nrn. 1 - 37 KCanG)

Narcotics criminal law

- Unauthorized handling of narcotics (§ 29 BtMG)
- Unauthorized possession of narcotics (§ 29 BtMG)
- Trading in narcotics in significant quantities (§ 29a BtMG)
- Possession of narcotics in a significant amount (§ 29a BtMG)
- Illegal import of narcotics in large quantities (§ 30 BtMG)
- Gang-like trading with narcotics (§ 30a BtMG)
- Armed trading with narcotics (§ 30a BtMG)

White-coller crime

- Fraud (§ 263 StGB)
- Computer fraud (§ 263a StGB)
- Insurance fraud and abuse (§§ 263, 265 StGB)
- Investment fraud (§ 264a StGB)
- Loan fraud (§ 265b StGB)
- Sports betting fraud (§ 265c StGB)
- Embezzlement (§ 266 StGB)
- Credit card abuse (§ 266b StGB)
- Withholding of wages (§ 266a StGB)
- Criminal insolvency law (§§ 283 ff. StGB)
- Delay in insolvency (§ 15a InsO)
- Bribery and corruption (§§ 299, 331 ff. StGB)
- Crimes against competition (§ 298 StGB)
- Accounting crimes (§§ 331 ff. HGB)
- Insider trading and market manipulation (§ 119 WpHG)

Medical criminal law

- Negligent homicide (§ 222 StGB)
- Bodily injury through medical intervention (§§ 223 ff. StGB)
- Violation of the Medicines Act
- Violation of the AntiDopingG
- Violation of the Transplantation Act
- Billing fraud (§ 263 StGB)
- Bribery and corruption (§§ 299a, 299b StGB)

Environmental criminal law

- Water pollution (§ 324 StGB)
- Soil contamination (§ 324a StGB)
- Air pollution (§ 325 StGB)
- Causing noise or vibrations (§ 325a StGB)
- Causing non-ionizing radiation (§ 325a StGB)
- Unauthorized handling of waste (§ 326 StGB)
- Unauthorized operation of systems (§ 327 StGB)
- Unauthorized handling of
dangerous substances (§ 328 StGB)
- Endangering areas in need of protection (§ 329 StGB)

Juvenile Justice

The same crimes exist in juvenile criminal law as in adult criminal law. But the idea of education applies. The law wants to support juveniles to improve instead of punishing them. Legally, juvenile criminal law has many special rules and young people can also be threatened with a prison sentence (youth sentence). Criminal proceedings are usually new territory for young people and parents. Get advice. With the right support, juvenile detention proceedings can be handled well.

The attorney

Mr Otto studied law with a focus on criminal justice, criminal defense and prevention at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. He then completed his legal preparatory service at the Munich Higher Regional Court. Mr Otto completed both state law examinations with distinction. For his training, he completed positions at the Munich II public prosecutor's office and a renowned law firm in Munich specializing in criminal law. In this law firm, Mr Otto then began his legal work as an employed lawyer in the area of criminal law and after just a short time successfully completed the theoretical examination to become a specialist lawyer in criminal law. Mr Otto then worked as a legal advisor in the second NSU investigative committee of the Bavarian state parliament. One focus was advising the chairman on questions of criminal law and criminal procedure law. Since that time, Mr Otto has continued his legal practice with a focus on criminal defense in his own law firm. Attorney at law Markus Otto represents clients in criminal law in the Munich metropolitan region, Bavaria and nationwide.


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